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Forbidden Evil

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  • Forbidden, once known as Forbidden Evil released this album as thier debut. The line-up is legendary. Two amazing guitarists Alvelais and Locicero plays so excellent, even Alvelais was the replacement for Alex Skolnick after his departure from Testament. You can hear excellent riffing from these guys and awesome drumming from Bostaph. Unlike other thrash drummers, he uses the cymbals incredibly. The production is very good also, especially it is very good for a ‘88 album. The voice of Russ is in great shape. He sings so deep; sometimes too high pitched but fitting the style. There are 2 outstanding songs from this album. Forbidden Evil and Through Eyes of Glass… Excellent riffing, great guitar solos, tempo changes… Everything is excellently arranged. But the other songs also make me excited too. The songs are very energetic. There lots of riffs in all the songs and Russ’s vocal lines are incredibly melodic compared to the other thrash singers. Forbbiden sounds like Testament at times, but they have a different touch. Forbidden is maybe the most technical thrash band came from Bay Area. I’ll never get bored of this album. If you like Testament and same sort of stuff, go and buy this album. You won’t be disappointed.

    Posted on December 30, 2009