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Forbidden Evil

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  • the first time i ever heard of forbidden i was listening to a a.m. radio station out of san antonio and they were talking to members of the band forbidden. i thought to myself “who the …?” the band members were labelling themselves as an “extreme metal” band. well, the next thing i knew they started playing “through eyes of glass” and it knocked me on my ass. even the poor sound quality from the a.m. station could not lessen the impact of their sound. i was always in to metal; such as metallica, anthrax, and iron maiden. but, this basnd took me to the next level. the awesonme guitar work, the excellent drum sound, and the air raid siren vocals had me hooked. i went out that next weekend to the record store in san antonio and bought the cassette. forbidden turned me on to a whole new realnm of metal; thanks guys.

    Posted on December 30, 2009