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Forbidden Evil

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  • So… Forbidden first album is a simply a “Best of…”, a compilation of thier past best songs that they produced during the first years of life. If this is the result, their end has been really a great loss for the world of heavy metal. Their sound has been talked about as a typical Bay Area Thrash, but I’m not completely sure that this is the right term to define them… They’re nearer to Destruction sound, heavier, fast, bloodier and very very original. From the first step on this album “Chalice of Blood” you hear the great musicianship of two axes Locicero and Alvelais… It’s useless talking about the rhythm session: if Camacho is not very known among the most of metallers, all of you know Paul Bostaph, the greater drummer ever, now playing in Slayer. Great also the vocalist Anderson, very powerful and majestic!!! Besides the opener, other songs are simply electric: “Off the Edge”, a social-involved song speaking about the problem of teen-suicide; “Through eyes of glass” a sublime track containing an evil and wicked riff head-crasher! Then “Forbidden”, “March Into Fire” which sing about the nuclear-war, ’til “As Good As Dead”, a track against the horror and stupidity caused by war! A great technic and ironic masterpiece which every thrasher must have. This group is a legend, an unlucky legend, ’cause many line-up problems gave the early end to its story, but I think an incredible talent-quartet like this one can’t stand the shadows of forgetness… … it’s your time to judge…

    Posted on December 30, 2009