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Force Fed Lies

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  • In the Metal universe there is one rule of thumb that normally proves true; the second album defines the bands future. After hearing Force Fed Lies a few times I am anxious to hear the next release and to see if this rule holds water with the mighty Dirge Within. Only just formed in 2007, DW hail’s from Chicago and blends Modern Thrash with Hradcore/Metalcore flawlessly.

    Guitarist Shaun Glass formerly of SOiL steals the show with some inspiring leads and a barrage of superb solo’s. To delve into the album we journey into the depths of my favorite two track’s, first off is the chaotic ‘New Disease’. The song fades in with some tranquil acoustics backed by expertly handled cymbal work by drummer Jimmy Knight then leads kick in high and grandiose, classic Thrash opener. Then just when you think you’ve heard the songs intro you’ve been had..

    One minute in the chords strike and then a long held note and a flurry of riffing, pummeling drums and soon the deep shouts of vocalist Jerms Genske. The song’s chorus has an eerie chanting that adds a bit of atmosphere but doesn’t pull from the gritty heaviness that ends with a bit of tranquil acoustics just as it began. This song happens to lead into my favorite track on the album ‘Last Goodbye’.

    The track fades in and as the listener you are bombarded by classic Thrash riffs and soon the double bass kicks in and then some more face melting leads. The reason I adore this song so much as it is extremely energetic and to the point but most of all due to the amazing and very fast solo towards the end of the track, the best on the album in my opinion.

    When all is said and done I have to admit I am fairly impressed. I expected this to be yet another generic Metalcore group following in the footsteps of others and thankfully I was wrong. The right mix of modern Metal melody and classic Thrash brutality makes this a very worthy listen and one helluva first full length release. I highly recommend this to the general Metal community and at least hope you look into the group a little further. Thank you for reading and please support an avid Metal Supporter and click ‘yes’ below.

    Posted on November 16, 2009