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Force of Habit

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  • I was introduced to Exodus back in the mid 80s with Bonded by Blood and I was blown away with its raw sound and gut punching music. At the same time frame I plunged head first into a speed metal pool that kept growing. Along with Exodus came Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer, and Megadeth at the top of the list. While I enjoyed Bonded by Blood, I found the high scream vocals to be a bit annoying (maybe like Metallica felt about Dave Mustaine–just kidding you Megadeth fans so please no death threats….).
    After Exodus changed vocalists and came out with Pleasures of the Flesh (and subsequent releases with Steve Souza still on vocals) I was greatly pleased. Some years passed then a dear friend of mine popped this cassette into his car stereo and I loved its variety of tunes. At first listen I wasn’t sure if it was Souza on vocals since some of the songs were heavy mellow, but the up-tempo songs assured me that it was him on vocals. I thought it showed that Souza was more than an adept vocalist given that no vocalist/musician can produce fast and heavy on every song on every album year after year and last (just ask legendary drummer Tom Lombardo about it upon his departure from Slayer-a very sad day for me even though I followed him to GRIP Inc which is/was a very cool band).
    I love this album. The music, the songwriting from the first to the last song IS contemporary Exodus and if you are a fan this is a must have CD.
    On a Souza side note–compare him according to his work from Pleasures of the Flesh to this album Force of Habit and hopefully not his last on Tempo of the Damned where he literally gave a speed metal heavy edged vocal tour de force. If you don’t live your life with blinders on and understand that EVERY band must change and adapt if it is going to survive and last (some might say “sell out” which Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich(sp) said his band would NEVER do after the major label release of Ride The Lightning….), then Force of Habit is Exodus at its very best! If you don’t love this CD the first time you listen to it then play it again oh you of little faith.

    Posted on December 10, 2009