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Force of Habit

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  • Force of Habit, along with several other releases in close proxemity of this one (The Black Album, Overkill’s I Hear Black, Anthrax’s Sound of White Noise, Testament’s The Ritual, and Megadeth’s Countdown to Extinction/Youthanasia) showed a more subdued band, musically. Though this album was still thrashier than the others I listed, it was still not as intense as the albums Exodus released in the previous years. But, like the other big-name thrash bands at the time, Exodus showed a more matured sound with Force of Habit. There is some fantastic guitar playing on this album. The solos range from all-out metal shred to blues-oriented licks. And the riffs are just as amazing. When I listen to Force of Habit I not only bang my head, but also find myself foot stompin’ to some excellent groove riffing. This is a great, underrated cd!

    Posted on December 10, 2009