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Foreigner - Complete Greatest Hits

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  • I’m going to admit up front that I’m a casual fan of Foreigner. Until I bought Complete Greatest Hits, the only Foreigner album in my 6,000-plus collection was a cassette copy of 1982’s Records: The Best of Foreigner. So you won’t hear any carping from me about why didn’t Rhino include “(plug in your favorite Foreigner song here)” instead of using “(a song you don’t like as well).” When Foreigner first charted in the late-Seventies, disco was threatening to take over the music industry. It was refreshing to hear rock ‘n’ roll on the radio again. This is simply, track for track, the best single disc overview available. It includes every Top 40 hit (with the glaring exception of 1982’s “Breaking Up,” No. 26) along with a handful of lesser hits (“Women,” No. 41; “Heart Turns to Stone,” No. 56), uncharted singles (“Soul Doctor” and “Girl on the Moon”), and album tracks (“Headknocker”). Again, for the casual fan, this is THE Foreigner album to own. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

    Posted on January 31, 2010