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  • This is the classic Foreigner release that so many of us 30-somethings remember. If you are planning to buy this DVD Audio disk, then chances are good that you listened to the original vinyl release when you were younger. Well, you’re in for a treat. This release reveals vocal and instrumental details that you’ve never heard. Lou Gramm has an excellent voice…I never knew this before listening to the 96-24 version. If you were a fan of the original album, then buy this (After upgrading your system to fully appreciate the DVD Audio experience).This disk has an abundance of extras: You can listen to the disk as Mick Jones and Lou Gramm talk along. They convey their experiences with each song as it plays on your stereo.The best bonus, however, is the four demo versions included:”Feels Like The First Time,” “Woman oh Woman,” At War With The World,” and “Take Me To Your Leader,” are included here. If you buy this DVD-A disk (and you should), do yourself a favor…listen to the demo version of “Feels Like The First Time” before you listen to the regular version of the song. The demo is absolutely horrible! It’s fun and interesting to compare the two. My hat is off to Foreigner and the producers for having the guts to release their demos. Many bands will not do this.I did not give this release 5 stars because I reserve such a rating for sensational, life-altering products. This is a very good addition to any DVD-A collection. Highly recommended.

    Posted on February 14, 2010