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  • I didn’t expect much from the two music videos and I wasn’t disappointed. The videos are almost 25 years old and look it. The film stock had obviously deteriorated over the years and the video production techniques pre-date MTV. So there wasn’t much imagination having the band setup their equipment in front of a railroad car and lip-synching to “Feels Like The First Time” and “Cold As Ice.” As for the demos, they pale in comparison to the originals. But there are some nice touches. For example, the sound of marching soldiers at the end of “At War With The World.” A nice sound effect that makes you wish they had utilized it for the original. The previously-unreleased “Take Me To Your Leader” is a pleasant surprise. Probably the best of the demos. A nice, raucous, raunchy tune that reminded me of “Lovemaker,” from their live CD. But the best was yet to come. After I heard the entire album, I was just awed and floored by the sound quality of the new mixes. It was like listening to the album for the first time. I assume either the songs were new mixes or the improved sound quality allowed the listener to hear things they were unable to hear before. Subsequent listenings made me very nostalgic for those early years of Foreigner and what GREAT music Mick Jones and Ian McDonald made together. I wish the two would just bury the hatchet, get over their clashing egos/lingering bitterness, and reunite for the music. With Lou Gramm as intermediary and referee, of course. Can’t wait for the DVD-Audio of the “Double Vision” album. Hopefully, that will be the next planned Foreigner release by Rhino Records.

    Posted on February 14, 2010