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Formulas Fatal to the Flesh

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1999 limited edition reissue of their 1998 album packaged with ’Love Of Lava’, a 26 track bonus CD showcasing Trey Azagthoth’s infamous guitar virtuosity. 40 tracks in all. Standard jewel case shrinkwrapped with the bonus CD in a slipcase AND an autographed guitar pick!

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  • Since I wrote a review of “Gateways,” and I actually like FFF better, I felt like I should at least write a few words about this one. I also have albums “A,B,G,&H” (dumped the overrated “Covenant”), and I feel that “Formulas” is Morbid Angel’s best all around album, as well as their fastest and tightest (“Blessed” is my second favorite). It sounds to me like maybe Vincent’s departure may have actually “opened things up” for the band a bit, and despite some other reviewers’ protestations here, I don’t hear a decline in quality with Tucker at all… it’s really amazing that they could produce such a good album after such a major personnel change. Even if you are an “old school” MA/DM fan, I can’t really see why you wouldn’t like this album.As far as the more “progressive” tracks go, what’s the big deal? Just program them out if you don’t like them, and you’ve still got over 42 minutes (like 50% longer than Reign in Blood, right there) of excellent death metal. The epic, “Invocation of the Continual One” is a nearly ten minute riff-fest, and one of my all time favorite slabs of metal, in any “sub-genre.” Even if the rest of the album weren’t good, this is one of the rare cases where one song could make the album a “keeper.”

    Posted on February 2, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Back in’98, things looked grim(to me) for Morbid Angel. But with Steve Tucker as bass and vocals, Morbid Angel was back! This is death metal at its finest complete with Trey’s always awesome fretwork, Petes masterful and precise drumwork, Steves guttural demonic voice, insane polyrhythms, deep and somewhat confusing lyrics but none the less, this is a masterpiece in metal. If you like death metal, this is a MUST BUY!!!!!!!!! This is the only MA album you need besides Altars of Madness. The rest are kinda lame, well Blessed are the Sick was good. BUY THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted on February 2, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • After losing main man David Vincent to the Genitorturers, Morbid Angel storms ahead with hurricane fury and viciousness on FFTF. From the opening bars of ‘Heaving Earth’ and to the last measures of ‘Trooper’, the listener is swept away with blistering/smoldering drumming, bass and guitars that drip with emotive power, choatic time signatures, and vocals that *finally* deliver!This album contains absolutely no filler-like Morbid’s previous two studio albums. Consider this the perfected follow up to their amazing ‘Blessed Are The Sick’ album.For the guitar afficionados, buy this CD with the ‘Lava of Love’ disc; it contains all the isolated guitars solos(+) from this album.David WHO?

    Posted on February 2, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I like this album so darn much I’ve put off reviewing it for a while because I’m not sure I can do it justice, but here goes. Morbid Angel were my first death metal band, and after more than a year of listening to the genre they’re still my favorite. It seems on every album they manage to deliver with flair, innovation, and of course, mind-blowing musicianship. “FFF” showcases the band in fine form. One aspect of this album that jumps right out is its speed. Right from the beginning of the classic “Heaving Earth,” it’s evident that “FFF” is going to be a speed-oriented album. However, this is not to imply that it is in any way one-dimensional, as the first three tracks wind their way through a dizzying amount of tempo changes. The changes are often somewhat subtle, but each of these songs ranges from midtempo to kind of fast to really freaking fast, keeping things from ever getting monotonous. However, “FFF” in my opinion really hits its peak on slower, more groove-oriented songs like “Nothing is Not” and “Invocation of the Continual One.” These two songs each feature absolutely crushing riffs from Trey Azagthoth, guaranteed to get your head banging in no time. Another noteworthy element of “FFF” is its production. It’s thicker than molasses, perfectly matching Trey’s heavy, downtuned riffs. Now while the riffs here may be way downtuned, Trey does a lot more with them than anyone has any right to expect. While downtuned riffs have been a staple of death metal since the genre was pioneered way back when, I don’t think I’ve ever heard them played with such speed and precision. Not to mention the fact that Trey throws in plenty of harmonics and fast, distorted solos that will make your head spin. I don’t know the technical jargon for what he does, but I do know that it sounds pretty damn cool. Almost as impressive as Trey’s guitar work is the fact that no matter what he does, Pete Sandoval mangages to keep up with him on the drum kit. Sometimes he pummels away with typical death-metal intensity, sometimes he goes with a faster tap-tap-tap style to keep pace on the speedier sections. Steve Tucker was new to the band on this album, but his vicious growl makes him sound right at home. His bass isn’t much of a presence, but this band still has one of the tightest sounds to come out of the metal genre. If you haven’t heard this album, you’re really missing something.

    Posted on February 2, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I’ll admit, I put off buying this for a while. The lack ofDavid Vincent (Now with the Genitortures) scared me a bit, but itwasn’t well founded. Steve Tucker does a great job on vocals. This CD is quite diverse. It has 14 tracks, but 5 of them are instramentals. The 9 death metal songs are all pretty much in the same vein, the standouts being “Nothing Is Not” (Crushingly heavy with a killer intro) and “Umulamarhi”. The songs are a great mess of downtuned to pluck guitars, machine gun double bass drumming, and solo’s from the man himself, Trey Azagthoth. He has taken the helm of this band, writing the majority of the songs, producing the album, and even doing vocals on “Invocation of the Continual One.” This is a departure from the earlier M.A. albums, not as sludgy as Domination, but not as clear as Blessed are the Sick. Morbid Angel are still the leaders of Death Metal, but they could have added another song or two to this. Highlights: “Nothing is Not” “Umulmarhi” and “Invocation of the Continual One.” END

    Posted on February 2, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now