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Formulas Fatal to the Flesh

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  • Since I wrote a review of “Gateways,” and I actually like FFF better, I felt like I should at least write a few words about this one. I also have albums “A,B,G,&H” (dumped the overrated “Covenant”), and I feel that “Formulas” is Morbid Angel’s best all around album, as well as their fastest and tightest (“Blessed” is my second favorite). It sounds to me like maybe Vincent’s departure may have actually “opened things up” for the band a bit, and despite some other reviewers’ protestations here, I don’t hear a decline in quality with Tucker at all… it’s really amazing that they could produce such a good album after such a major personnel change. Even if you are an “old school” MA/DM fan, I can’t really see why you wouldn’t like this album.As far as the more “progressive” tracks go, what’s the big deal? Just program them out if you don’t like them, and you’ve still got over 42 minutes (like 50% longer than Reign in Blood, right there) of excellent death metal. The epic, “Invocation of the Continual One” is a nearly ten minute riff-fest, and one of my all time favorite slabs of metal, in any “sub-genre.” Even if the rest of the album weren’t good, this is one of the rare cases where one song could make the album a “keeper.”

    Posted on February 2, 2010