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Protest The Hero - C'est La Vie [Audio Stream w/ Lyrics] - Scurrilous

"C'est La Vie" from the new album SCURRILOUS, available now. Purchase Scurrilous on iTunes: or on Amazon: LYRICS: stepped off a chair so he could learn to let loose, learn to let loose before the pendulum wore off |  his final sound a gurgle and a cough | and his final words "the pendulum wore off" | stepped off a building to find concrete evidence, concrete evidence that he'd ever make an impact |  fiction splattered into fact | and his fiction splattered into another sidewalk painting on display | stepped off a bridge so he could make a splash, to make a splash he had to flounder like a fish out of water | another lamb that chose the slaughter | stepped off a chair so he could learn to let loose, learn to let loose before the pendulum wore off | his final sound a gurgle and a cough | stepped off a platform and briefly made the news, made the news and made the trains run fifteen minutes late | oh what a price to pay to be the author of your fate | the trains were fifteen minutes late (to be the author of your fate) | c'est la vie! a drooling old bitch and a house full of lies | c'est la vie!  the little things that kill you make you glad to be alive | c'est la vie!  disease in your genes and ocean levels on the rise | c'est la vie! sing a song of living before everybody dies


Protest The Hero - Kezia (Full Album)

Kezia is the debut full-length release by Protest the Hero released in Canada on August 30, 2005 (Underground Operations) and America on April 4, 2006 (Vagra...

Protest the Hero says their new drummer sucks - Interview

Subscribe to AUX now: Rody Walker, Tim Millar, and Luke Hoskin of Protest the Hero blow stuff in a field then break down the process of...

Protest The Hero - Kezia (Full Album - HQ)

00:00 - 3:50 No Stars Over Bethlehem 3:50 - 6:51 Heretics And Killers 6:51 - 11:22 Divinity Within 11:22 - 14:47 Bury The Hatchet 14:47 - 17:43 Nautical 17:4...

Protest the hero REAL studio update !!

This time it's for real. Enjoy this ! If you like them check this out : Update revisited :

Protest The Hero / The Safety Fire - BUS INVADERS Ep. 599

Each episode of Bus Invaders takes you inside the touring vehicle of one of today's top touring acts. In this episode, Tim Millar and Derya Nagle, take you o...

Protest The Hero - Turn Soonest To The Sea

Song 8 off Kezia Lyrics: Do you remember how it was when you bled? When you loved and burned in those flames that you've kept Because Vesta's long been sleep...

Protest The Hero - "Mist" Live Protest The Hero performing "Mist" at the Aggie Theater in Fort Collins, CO on March 10th 2014. ...

Protest The Hero - FullSet [1080p] Paris - 17/01/2014

Protest The Hero - FullSet [1080p] Paris - 17/01/2014 Underbite (0:00) Hair-Trigger (4:11) Sequoia Throne (8:50) Clarity (14:40) The Dissentience (20:08) Her...

Protest The Hero - Heretics and Killers

Song 2 off Kezia. I'll upload the rest of the album, and more music. Prollly along the lines of progressive metal. Lyrics: They called me the man with the bl...