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Protest The Hero - C'est La Vie [Audio Stream w/ Lyrics] - Scurrilous

"C'est La Vie" from the new album SCURRILOUS, available now. Purchase Scurrilous on iTunes: or on Amazon: LYRICS: stepped off a chair so he could learn to let loose, learn to let loose before the pendulum wore off |  his final sound a gurgle and a cough | and his final words "the pendulum wore off" | stepped off a building to find concrete evidence, concrete evidence that he'd ever make an impact |  fiction splattered into fact | and his fiction splattered into another sidewalk painting on display | stepped off a bridge so he could make a splash, to make a splash he had to flounder like a fish out of water | another lamb that chose the slaughter | stepped off a chair so he could learn to let loose, learn to let loose before the pendulum wore off | his final sound a gurgle and a cough | stepped off a platform and briefly made the news, made the news and made the trains run fifteen minutes late | oh what a price to pay to be the author of your fate | the trains were fifteen minutes late (to be the author of your fate) | c'est la vie! a drooling old bitch and a house full of lies | c'est la vie!  the little things that kill you make you glad to be alive | c'est la vie!  disease in your genes and ocean levels on the rise | c'est la vie! sing a song of living before everybody dies


Protest The Hero - Kezia (Full Album)

Kezia is the debut full-length release by Protest the Hero released in Canada on August 30, 2005 (Underground Operations) and America on April 4, 2006 (Vagra...

Protest The Hero - "Bloodmeat" [Official Video]

Official music video for Protest The Hero's "Bloodmeat", off the album Fortress - available now! Purchase from iTunes: Purcahse from Ama...

Protest the Hero says their new drummer sucks - Interview

Subscribe to AUX now: Rody Walker, Tim Millar, and Luke Hoskin of Protest the Hero blow stuff in a field then break down the process of...

Protest The Hero - Blindfolds Aside (live @ Bibelot Energiehuis Dordrecht, 08.02.2014) 4/4

Encore with a big bottle of Chimay beer and members of Intervals, The Safety Fire & TesseracT on stage. Song starts at approx 2:58. Protest The Hero playing ...

Protest The Hero - Kezia (Full Album - HQ)

00:00 - 3:50 No Stars Over Bethlehem 3:50 - 6:51 Heretics And Killers 6:51 - 11:22 Divinity Within 11:22 - 14:47 Bury The Hatchet 14:47 - 17:43 Nautical 17:4...

Protest The Hero - "Mist" Live Protest The Hero performing "Mist" at the Aggie Theater in Fort Collins, CO on March 10th 2014. ...

Protest The Hero - FullSet [1080p] Paris - 17/01/2014

Protest The Hero - FullSet [1080p] Paris - 17/01/2014 Underbite (0:00) Hair-Trigger (4:11) Sequoia Throne (8:50) Clarity (14:40) The Dissentience (20:08) Her...

Protest The Hero - "Underbite" [HD] (Knebworth 06-07-2014)

Knebworth Park.

Protest the hero REAL studio update !!

This time it's for real. Enjoy this ! If you like them check this out : Update revisited :