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Forty Seasons: The Best of Skid Row

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Japanese edition of hits collection in a metallic silverdigipak with two full color 5’ x 5’ sticker sheets for theintial pressing only. 16 cuts, including two unmarked &previously unreleased bonus tracks: ’Forever’ from 1988 anda demo of ’Fire In The Hole’ from 1991. 1998 AtlanticRecords release.Boosters of Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach may not find this 1998 CD to be a truly objective best-of Skid Row. The 16-song disc, compiled by bassist Rachel Bolan after Bach’s departure from the band, leans toward Bolan-penned hits, leaving out a couple of the band’s best in the Bach tunes ”Wasted Time” and ”In a Darkened Room.” For a casual fan, though, the expected trademark anthems, including ”Youth Gone Wild,” ”18 and Life,” and the bass-heavy ”Piece of Me,” are there, as are the beautifully produced power ballad ”I Remember You” and requisite rockers ”Monkey Business” and ”Slave to the Grind.” A demo, remixes, and a live track included here may be interesting to the faithful, though they also highlight the biases that color the song selections. The previously unreleased 1988 rocker ”Forever,” however, is a rarity worth having. –Katherine Turman

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  • I’ve just recently bought this, along with Dokken very best, and I choose to review them at the same time because they have a couple of things in common, some different things, and certainly, different impact on listener. First of all, I have to say that I was a MAJOR fan of Skid Row (i no longer support their updated, Bach-less line-up), so I have all their records and like them all (even if Slave To the Grind remains not only my favorite, but also one of my top 10 favorites altogether). So I HAD to have this compilation. After a week of continuous listening, here are my observations, itemized, of course:

    -”Best of” vs “Greatest Hits”: even thought most record label execs are brainless enough not to know the difference between the 2 (other than semantics), the fact remains that both are different: a “best of” includes the band’s favorites, a “greatest” includes whatever hits they had on the radio. On that regard, “40 Seasons” lies closer to a greatest hits.

    -Running order(chronological vs. impact): this compilation is horrible in that respect. Records, whether they are live, studio or compilations, MUST have a running order that grabs the listener by the throat. Dokken’s is brilliant! This one is horrible: even if i love “Youth Gone Wild”, it is not an opening song! Not only that, but that song was THE closing song on a nightly basis during the band’s career! It is almost blasphemy!! And to follow that with “18 and life”…c’mon, give me a break! This compilation should have had a random, impact based running order, and “My Enemy” or “Monkey Business” should’ve been the opening songs…

    -Album representation: it is fairly good, but one question arises: if their debut record was their most successful, how come only 4 songs are included here, while subhuman race, their least successful, has 5 songs?
    -Subhuman Race: it is fairly obvious to me that the band was unhappy with the way this record turned out. Want proof? None of the songs from that record is included in its original form. Fear not, the remixes are barely noticeable (little twists on guitars and vocals), the live version of “Beat yourself blind” is great and even the demo version of “Frozen” is great, quite different from the album version (which i prefer), but good…

    -Unreleased songs: the real treat for longtime fans! Both are great! I still don’t get why they were not included on the original records they were intended for…

    -Band involvement: another miss!Only Rachel Bolan had any say here, and that is never a good thing, which is an aspect this compilation shares with the Dokken one. There are at least 2 songs here that I have reasonable doubts as to what the heck they are doing here: “Psycho Love” and “Piece of Me”. Don’t get me wrong, as i mentioned before, I love every single piece of music the band ever made, but… where are “Riot Act” (Skid Row’s greatest live song!), “Wasted Time”, “In a darkened room”? Nowhere to be found,here! Since Rachel was the only band member involved, he overlooked those gems in favor of 2 of his own songs. That IS BLASPHEMY!!!

    All in all, the compilation does have its moments, and my instincts tell me that it won’t be long before Rhino Records graces us with another one of their “Essential” compilations. Let’s just hope they take some of these observations (and I mean the observations of all the other customers/fans who have submitted their reviews) in mind next time…

    Posted on February 26, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This CD should have included Big Guns. That is one of the best Skid Row songs ever, and this CD does not have it. Also, there are too many remixes and unreleased versions. Why can’t it just stick to the only two decent albums this band ever released: Skid Row and Slave To The Grind. So therefore, this could have been a GREAT greatest hits CD, while it ends up being a mediocre one.

    Posted on February 26, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Excellent compilation of the greatest hits from this rock band.

    Posted on February 26, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This is definitely an excellent compilation of Skid Row’s best hits, but I don’t understand how they (apparently Rachel Bolan) could have left off “Wasted Time”. Perhaps it is just personal preference or my own taste, but that is my favorite Skid Row song. It’s a hard-rocking song that tugs at you like a ballad. It was a big mistake leaving this off of the album!

    Posted on February 26, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Skid Row was one of the most talented “hair” bands to come out of the late 80’s. They stuck around til the mid 90’s and they still have quite a following, with Sebastian Bach’s new role on Broadway and solo projects.With that said, this album is sadly missing perhaps Skid Row’s best 2 songs of all-time, in “Wasted Time” and “In a Darkened Room”. Why they left these two tracks off is beyond me. Instead, they put a terrible “Beat Yourself Blind (LIVE)” and a mediocre at best “Psycho Love” in their place. I liked the fact that they threw a few unreleased tracks on there, but to leave off “Wasted Time” and “In a Darkened Room” was the ultimate of sins. In my opinion, here were Skid Row’s greatest Hits:1. Youth Gone Wild 2. 18 and Life 3. I Remember You 4. Midnight/Tornado 5. Monkey Business 6. Quicksand Jesus 7. In a Darkened Room 8. Wasted Time 9. Firesign 10. Eileen 11. Into Another 12. Breakin’ Down 13. Psycho TherapyNo need for any other songs, because none of their others are “greatest hits” worthy. They had some other good songs, but these should undoubedly be on the album. In addition to the two songs they left off that was ridiculous, they should have also included “Midnight/Tornado”, “Firesign”, “Eileen”, and maybe “Psycho Therapy” (I liked it).By leaving off so many key songs, I can’t give this album more than three stars.

    Posted on February 26, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now