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Forty Seasons: The Best of Skid Row

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  • Skid Row was one of the most talented “hair” bands to come out of the late 80’s. They stuck around til the mid 90’s and they still have quite a following, with Sebastian Bach’s new role on Broadway and solo projects.With that said, this album is sadly missing perhaps Skid Row’s best 2 songs of all-time, in “Wasted Time” and “In a Darkened Room”. Why they left these two tracks off is beyond me. Instead, they put a terrible “Beat Yourself Blind (LIVE)” and a mediocre at best “Psycho Love” in their place. I liked the fact that they threw a few unreleased tracks on there, but to leave off “Wasted Time” and “In a Darkened Room” was the ultimate of sins. In my opinion, here were Skid Row’s greatest Hits:1. Youth Gone Wild 2. 18 and Life 3. I Remember You 4. Midnight/Tornado 5. Monkey Business 6. Quicksand Jesus 7. In a Darkened Room 8. Wasted Time 9. Firesign 10. Eileen 11. Into Another 12. Breakin’ Down 13. Psycho TherapyNo need for any other songs, because none of their others are “greatest hits” worthy. They had some other good songs, but these should undoubedly be on the album. In addition to the two songs they left off that was ridiculous, they should have also included “Midnight/Tornado”, “Firesign”, “Eileen”, and maybe “Psycho Therapy” (I liked it).By leaving off so many key songs, I can’t give this album more than three stars.

    Posted on February 26, 2010