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Foul Taste of Freedom

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  • This is the mother of all hardcore albums. It’s 13 songs full of pure adrenaline, politically driven lyrics, and raw melodic heaviness. It is my favorite album of all time and will remain it. Every song has it’s own enjoyable hook and they’re all difficult to get tired of. ‘The Stench of Piss’, ‘Iraqnophobia’, ‘Pound for Pound’, ‘Lesson Learned’, and ‘Johnny Black’ are standout tracks representing this albums brutal sound. Pro-Pain defines hardcore and stays true to their style with every album they make. I just had to make a review for this cd to say how great it is, I can’t wait for their new album ‘Shreds of dignity’ to be released on March 19 2002. I havent heard it but I know it will be great!

    Posted on December 7, 2009