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Four of a Kind

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  • No two D.R.I. albums sound the same. Four of Kind is a great album. In fact, in some ways Four of Kind was D.R.I.’s best effort. I like everything up until Definition, but this album just showcases Spike Cassidy’s ability to provide good riff after good riff. Felix Griffin, one of my favorite drummers of all time (I’m a drummer), does an excellent job. Some of the snare rolls and accents are so amazing. The fast double bass triplets and explosion beats are great. Better than what 95% of drummers at the time were doing. Brecht’s vocals are too much in the fore ground, but still they sound alright.

    On this album they sped it up a little bit from Crossover’s sometimes sluggish tendencies. Unlike the sound they went to on Thrash Zone a year later (they sounded more like Obituary than D.R.I.), this was the album where they still had it all together.

    This was also the best tour to see D.R.I. on. I saw them with Kreator and Holy Terror (another excellent lost Thrash band) and the show was nothing but high energy.

    Posted on January 8, 2010