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Frail Words Collapse

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  • If you’re hesitating on buying this album because the band’s members are Christians, you should be ashamed of yourself. Religion isn’t the main focus of this album, however I was very pleased to learn that each of the members were “believers.” Being a Christian myself, and a fan of what is described as “ungodly music”, can be quite difficult. This band proves that yes, Christians are capable of producing heavy music. I’m sick of hearing people say, “You can’t tell this band is Christian, by listening to their music.” What the hell is that supposed to mean? The fact that Christians can’t sing metal is such a stereotype that needs to be forgotten.

    Anyway, moving onward. “Frail Words Collapse” is an absolutely amazing album from an extremely talented band. On first listen, I was a little disappointed that there weren’t any guitar solos, however the guitars are nothing to complain about. They compliment the album rather nicely. The drum work on here would have to be the instrument that stands out the most. I was blown away by them on first listen.

    It’s kind of hard to fit this album into a certain genre. There are so many of them. I think the best way to describe this album would be by labeling it “deathcore.” Each of the tracks on here are a combination of what can be described as melodic death metal with a MAJOR hardcore twist. Clean vocals aren’t a main factor on this album. There is little singing, but lots of fierce growling to make your ears bleed. The few vocals that are heard, however are sung extremely well. It would have been nice to hear a little more of them.

    The only problem I had with this CD at first was the fact that
    I thought it was a little repetitive. Each of the tracks had similar guitar work. However, this is one of those albums that eventually grows on you, and you can’t stop listening to it. There are wonderful melodies behind each and every song if you just listen close enough. This album is way more than just fierce growling and heavy thrashing background. It’s extremely intense. And the lyrics are about more than some dude whining about losing his chick, as some people said. Did you guys even read the lyrics? They were extremely well written.

    Oh, and one more thing. Many people complain about this album being too “emotional…emocore…blah blah blah” Sure it’s emotional, but remeber people, music without emotions, is no music at all. = )

    Posted on January 24, 2010