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Frail Words Collapse

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  • first off thier are alot of people who call these guys rip off’s or poser’s or just a band that can’t play at all. They are very very wrong. Frail words collapse is one of the best metal albums out there. Yes it is a metal ablum not a F*CKING HARDCORE ALBUM. Every song has break downs which fit very nicely into the the out of control music. 94 hours is by far one of the best tracks on the cd it’s very fast paced with a few breakdowns and the drum work by Jordan mancino is incredible. Believe me this is not a bad album as other people review it to be. Their just death metal fans. And death metal f*cking blows by the way. But anyways.

    This cd is just one of the best. alot of songs stand out from each other thier is maybe at least one similar aspect to them but they drift far from one another. falling upon deaf ears has some nice guitar work on it and yes the riff is just killer.
    Forever has to be one of the best songs on the album. the lead singer has some of the best vocal’s you can hear. Very clear instead of your averge whinny ass screaming that sounds like the guy was kicked in the nuts. Trust me as i lay dying may seem like a emo band but thier not if you just understand thier backround then you will know thier not. Buy this cd it’s f*cking sweet. every song kicks ass.

    Posted on January 24, 2010