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Frances the Mute

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  • First off, I’d like to make the statement that, despite what anyone says, this album is NOT for everyone. Also, nothing that I or anyone else says here will affect your feeling about this album; it’s a strictly love/hate relationship, as with all ‘different’ music… there is no partiality. That being said, it’s understandable to see where some people who dislike this album are coming from. If you aren’t used to TMV, this is not your album. Personally, I had to work up to TMV, it wasn’t something I enjoyed immediately, but once you can get your ears around the ideas and techniques of TMV, it’s true genius, pure pleasure to listen to. Listening to one song on this album is an injustice; it really cries out to be listened to in it’s entirety, and this is how it’s meant ot be listened to, not in bits and pieces. In comparison to De-Loused, Frances does not have quite as much catchiness or as many musically difficult lines, but, I feel that the music, viewed as a whole, shows much more thought and depth; instruments seem to almost weave in and out of eachother in some places, creating an almost surreal and mind-numbing effect. The most impressive aspect of this CD, just as in De-Loused, in my opinion, is the flow- from one track to the next, the flow is smooth, lines fade in and out, and guitar effects provide subtle, odd, and sometimes even frightening undertones, while the bass and drum lines are thouroughly supportive of the rest of the band, while maintaining some degree of complexity, especially rhythmically. I feel that De-Loused may have done a better job mending different tracks together than Frances, but Frances is nonetheless brilliant in it’s approach to this style.

    As I said before, you will either love or hate this album, depending on what you have listened to in the past, your influences, and your tastes- even the best review can’t change that. Love it or hate it, this is TMV, and if you can truly listen to this album thoroughly once, you may find it growing on you more and more.

    Posted on January 10, 2010