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Frizzle Fry

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  • All I wrote about was the sheer joy of this album. I remember jamming in my basement on Groundhog Day for hours. This is great music. GREAT MUSIC! It’s so innocent. It’s so positive! And so much fun. So, to the early 20’s student type who says these guys are “way overrated”, I have news for you. You are lame. You’re bitter because no one wants to hear John Zorn or Bela Fleck, or Wanko Pastorius. I mean, I’ve seen Victor Wooten waste the time of 3,000 people who wanted only to dance. And Jaco Pastorius was simply a (rhymes with tanker, starts with w) who couldn’t loosen up enough to be half-interesting. This, however, is a band that took polyrhythm, polytonality, mad-chops-of-the-non-Bach-n-Roll-school, and a silly sci-fi sense of humor and made it all cool. Nerds, hippies, jocks, artists, stoners all got into this band. It was wonderful! It was populism on the move! It was the early nineties and things were good. As history writes its little footnote on the early days of this great band, many things will be forgotten. They will be pigeonholed as a cross between Rush and Zappa. No one will remember a delirious crowd shouting “Primus Sucks!”, or the mosh pits that were actually fun and basically safe to be in. Long gone will be the good-natured chuckle of that “Damn blue-collared tweeker” who made us all feel a bit better. But I’ll never forget the great times I’ve had with this raw, wild, pure music. They’re not overrated. Being a sad, hateful snob with no sense of joy or humor is overrated. Anyone who can create fun interesting music for a diverse fan base is doing something very right. Hatin’ on Primus is very wrong. If you see these: [ ], this review has been doctored.

    Posted on December 18, 2009