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From Mars to Sirius

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  • This is a very unique metal release – it has some clear influences and predecessors, but manages to combine those into a very distinctive package.

    Between the cover art and the band’s name, you actually get a good idea of what you can expect to hear. It’s spacy and trippy at times, but like the namesake movie monster, or the whale of the cover, it’s heavy and ponderous as well. The fundamental sound is a slow, grinding, very heavy one that reminds me a midway point between early Godflesh and Meshuggah. I actually prefer these guys over Meshuggah – for whatever reason their ideas just tickle my brain a little more. The singing reminds me of Sepultura, and bits and pieces also bring to mind Soundgarden at their heaviest, or maybe old Seattle sludge bands like Tad. And then there are the grindcore breaks… or the Pink Floydish chiming guitar interludes… no matter. It all works together in an unexpected way, surprising you regularly but never going off the rails.

    The lyrics and mood of the album are unusual, tackling environmental issues in a positive way (instead of “we’re all gonna die!”, it tends toward “maybe we can fix this mess”). The actual words are a bit ham-handed and occasionally dumb in that foreign-metal-guy-singing-in-English way, but most of the time you won’t be able to make them out. It certainly doesn’t detract from the experience except on the closing track, which is sung more cleanly than any other song here.

    Overall I have to say, this is the best tremendously heavy album I’ve bought in a long time.

    Posted on January 4, 2010