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  • Frost is the second full length album from Enslaved, third official release if you include the split album “Emperor/Enslaved”. It’s a departure from the remarkable debut “Vikingligr Veldi”, an epic that consisted of five 6-11 minute songs. Here most songs are between 4 and 7 minutes, which works very well since the band has been able to cut out the needless guitar riff repetition that was a flaw of the debut. The tracks on “Frost” have all the energy and intensity of the debut but in a pared down format. Also interesting is hearing the mighty Trym on one of his earliest recordings. If you didn’t know, Trym went on to join Emperor from the “Anthems” album, and is today one of the preeminent drummers in the extreme metal scene. Vocals are similar to the debut, the same high pitched screeching, and the guitars sound powerful, with acoustic sounds being thrown into this album more, giving it a folk metal feel at times. Less overt use of keyboards this time around too, although there are some sparingly placed electronic sounds thrown in for atmosphere. Mostly though Frost is fast, hard, and powerful metal, not created for selling lots of albums but rather to present the vision of the band. Here is a metal album intended for careful listening not for mindless headbanging and beer drinking. Lyrics are sung in Norwegian, but English translation is included in the well done booklet.Best song: Svarte Vidder

    Posted on December 17, 2009