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  • there’s only a handful of bands that get me as excited as Enslaved! they combine blazing fast drumming with excellent and memorable riffs to create the ultimate in destructive and majestic Viking metal! they write amazingly epic songs of apocalyptic battles fought on misty shores and distant mountains; with an emphasis on violence, bloodshed, and an affiliation with ancient Norse gods. all things in the true Viking spirit, then.
    the music on Frost is usually blindingly fast and raw, but with lots of subtle touches that add a dark flourish to the proceedings and keep it interesting for the listener. there are a few keyboard passages popping up for atmospheric effect and even a mouthharp makes an appearance! but even with all these different elements, Enslaved’s music remains rooted in the frozen mystical metal world. a world where a thirst for blood and conquest rule, and where victory awaits!

    Posted on December 17, 2009