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Frozen in Time

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  • I didnt even know Obituary had even made another record, but once I found out I couldnt wait, and it didnt disappoint. I think its kind of a mix between The End Complete (their best in my opinion) and Back From the Dead (their worst, but still with a few good songs). If this had been some new band fresh off the shelves, I would rate it a lower, but seeing as Obituary are one of the originators of the genre, staying with the “old school” stuff is not only acceptable in my book its actually somewhat refreshing. Maybe it just brings me back to 1989 when I bought Slowly We Rot and was almost crushed by the sheer weight of the music and couldnt believe my ears, but I found this very enjoyable. People looking for something new and original will not be that excited about this offering, but Obituary fans or any death metal fan wanting to remember the “good old days” will find it well worth the price.

    Posted on March 16, 2010