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Frozen in Time

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  • Obituary’s new album “Frozen in Time” lives up to the title. I have been listening to Obituary since “Cause of Death” in 1990. Their first 3 albums are all classics (Slowly We Rot, Cause of Death & The End Complete). When Obituary released “World Demise” in 1994 I started to lose interest as they tried the “political” route, which was a stretch for them. Anyway, they released a half ass album in 1997 with “Back From the Dead” and I gave up hope. 2005: Obituary is back! Their new album takes up where “The End Complete” left off. They are similar to AC/DC & Bolt Thrower in the fact that they don’t change too much from their formula music wise. Each song is filled with crushing riffs that are redundant but catchy. John’s vocals are still just as brutal as ever. All the songs are mid-paced straightforward death metal with a production from Scott Burns that is also from 1992. If you have been a long time Obituary fan, the only thing that will disappoint you will be that the riffs are not quite as memorable as their first 3 albums, but is still well worth a listen for the money. I was actually surprised that Obituary could still pull off an album like this after Back From the Dead. The album stands up against any of the newer Death Metal CDs out there. For someone like me who grew up on this style, I was excited to hear the album and was not let down. A good pick overall. If you are more into technical death metal, you will want to stay away and pick up the new HATE ETERNAL.

    Posted on March 17, 2010