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Fuck You and Then Some

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  • No i’m not saying this is their best CD, but it’s a very good one none the less. I have all the Overkill CD’s (including this one) and i have had this on cassette. Well what can you say this album is sweet, the song Fuck You rocks! and the live tracks are fairly descent too. The only thing that gets me is the fact that they included E.vil N.ever D.ies, which if you are an overkill buff, this song came out quite awhile after Fuck You, and doesn’t really fit. But don’t let that little thing get you down, i’d highly recommend this CD. Weither your an Overkill fan, or at least liked Taking Over & Feel The Fire, this won’t dissapoint. Normal Metal heads or newbies too Overkill may wanna start at their first CD Feel The Fire then Taking Over, then if you like them, Get this! Then just listen too the rest of Overkill, and you’ll likes.

    Posted on February 2, 2010