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Full Circle

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  • I remember the day I heard about Dave passing on a few days after I saw him at Ozzfest and I was truly a bit sad over it. DP was just coming onto the scene and building up a nice fan base around the country, I mean, who didn’t love hearing Bodies come on the radio? I was not a huge fan of the desensitized album, however still enjoyed the fact that despite the sub-par vocalist, the musical aspect was still quite good. I’d have to say I hold DP in pretty high regard for the fact that they have weathered the things that have come their way and they are still willing to come out and play music for us. Onto their 3rd vocalist, Ryan McCombs, well what can I say, he is definitely one of the better sounding vocalists of this day and age and his foray with Soil was amazing. So when I heard that he was going to be fronting for DP I was simply elated.

    And that elation has come to fruition in Full Circle.
    An absolutely amazing 3rd outing from a band who truly has in their own right come Full Circle

    Posted on March 5, 2010