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Further Down the Spiral

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  • It’s an okay remix album of The Downward Spiral, but the UK version is far superior. It’s better-constructed and it’s more varied in the songs it draws from. A brief summary on the differences:-”Self Destruction, Part Two” is replaced by “Part Three.” I greatly prefer the latter to the former, it’s fresher and besides, “Part Two” is basically a shorter version of “Final.”-”Hurt (Quiet)” is very very similar to the original, and I can’t make up my mind whether it deserved to be on this album or not. It sounds more intimate for some reason. On the import, this is replaced by a live version. They’re pretty much the same except for the crowd noises.-”Eraser (Polite)” and “Erased, Over, Out” are gone. I really don’t like “E,O,O” because it’s so repetitive. In fast-forward, it just says “erase me” over and over on top of the same background. “E(P)” isn’t very good to begin with, just a keyboard melody over sped-up lyrics.-”The Beauty of Being Numb,” a combination of a Mr Self Destruct remix and an Aphex Twin appearance, is gone. Pity, I kind of liked this one except for the Eraser outro (that’s actually someone silently blowing through a tenor saxophone, by the way).-The real advantage of the import is the addition of “Heresy (Version)” and “Ruiner (Version)” by Charlie Clouser. “H(V)” is really really cool, but it cuts off suddenly. “R(V)” is a sort of trancy dance mix-type thing, quite a deviation from the original. Very nice.-Also, the Japanese version contains the bonus track “Reptilian” (a remix of Reptile) from the “March of the Pigs” single. If you can find this version (released by EastWest Japan) and it costs less than actually buying MOTP as well as the UK Further Down the Spiral, get it. This is my favourite remix from MOTP.In short: it’s worth paying the extra money for the import.

    Posted on January 13, 2010