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Further Down the Spiral

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  • This is an amazing disc of reconstructions of songs from “the downward spiral.” if you are into experimental electronic music, then this disc is for you … along with every other release from nine inch nails.

    here is a rundown of the tracks:

    piggy – a more beat oriented, heavier version of this song. in the “chorus” section, a very fast beat and heavy guitar have been added (courtesy of dave navarro). this song is good, but is just a prelude to the greatness that is to come…

    the art of self destruction pt. 1 – an instrumental track which slowly builds up in intensity and then careens to a halt. it always reminds of a train building up speed and then finally derailing and falling to pieces at the end. very good track.

    the art of self destruction pt. 2 – remixed by j. thirlwell – a very cool reworking of “mr. self destruct” which highlights more of the more subtle sounds found buried beneath the guitars in the original version.

    the downward spiral – reconstructed by coil – AMAZING! very ambient, psychedelic reconstruction of this song. after a short intro, the song develops into this great instrumental that sounds very bubbly, like some beautiful underwater landscape. then at the end… coil takes us through an inferno and then brings us back down to the bottom…

    hurt – i actually do not listen to this song very much, and there is barely any difference between this and the version on the downward spiral…

    eraser – by coil – another great song by coil… this one feature a chugging distorted guitar riff, yet still remaining quite ambient and coil-esque.

    at the heart of it all – created by aphex twin – THE REASON TO BUY THIS ALBUM!!!! – i don’t believe that this song actually contains anything from the downward spiral, but i could be wrong. i think this is just an original track that r.d.james submitted as a remix. anyway, this is one of my favorite songs of all time, and certainly my favorite electronic composition ever. this version is longer and much better than the version found on the aphex twin album (26 remixes for cash). this is one of the greatest songs ever written and is worth the price of the CD itself.

    eraser (polite) – by coil – a short reworking of eraser, with just the lyrics and a nice sounding synth-string line. very short and very beautiful.

    self destruction,final – by j. thirlwell – very similar to his other remix of this song (the art of self destruction pt. 2), except with a cool intro, and even less heavy guitar.

    the beauty of being numb – the first part was created by NIN and is very noisy and crazy sounding… then it goes right into a section created by Aphex Twin, which again is amazing. a cool, mechanical type drum beat evolve over a piano playing chords to the tune of the melody at the end of “closer” and in the song “the downward spiral” – very cool.

    erased.over.out – another creation by coil – very slow and ambient… not too much happens in this song unfortunately… there is no real development… so just fast forward your CD player and listen……..

    So, if you’ve read all of this and are into experimental electron music… then GET THIS CD NOW!!!!!!!

    Posted on January 13, 2010