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Further Down the Spiral

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  • 4.5 Stars

    Halo 10 “Further Down the Spiral” is probably the most popular NIN remix CD as it was released during Trent Reznor’s commercial and critical pinnacle, following the release of his masterpiece “The Downward Spiral” (1994).

    NIN remix albums in general are usually a mixed bag. While the Halo collector may want to collect all the singles/remix CDs just for the sake of owning a complete Halo collection, and while some hard-core fans may relish everything Trent Reznor has to offer, other, more casual fans may not be interested in remix albums. “Further Down the Spiral” is really the one NIN remix album that I would recommend to hard-core and casual fans alike.

    If you are expecting to hear something like “Closer” or “Head like a Hole,” something with an infectious hook, “Further Down the Spiral” is most likely not going to satisfy you. But “Further Down the Spiral” has something else to offer–some of the most atmospheric, captivating music you will ever hear. While some music is just something to listen to in the background, “Further Down the Spiral” creates an aura of eerie serenity, that is paradoxically disturbing. Unlike “The Downward Spiral” it doesn’t assault the senses, rather it takes hold of the listener more subtly. It’s a CD to listen to in the dark when no one else is around, a CD to lose yourself in.

    If you already own “The Downward Spiral,” “Further Down the Spiral” is an excellent choice to purchase as a companion. If you are just a casual fan and are on the fence about what remix CDs to buy, I would recommend “Further Down the Spiral” as your first choice. If you are going to pick up any of the remix albums at all, stick with this.

    Posted on January 13, 2010