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  • I’ve had this since the day before it came out, due to a pre-order, which makes it 2 days now, and I am absolutely floored by how good this album is. I never thought that Believer would be able to top Dimensions, and I think they may have actually done it. This album seems like somewhat of a mix of Sanity Obscure and Dimensions with better production than either and a slightly heavier and deeper tone (especially than Sanity), but they’ve also incorporated a bunch of new elements. I really like the subtle use of the keyboards in the album and while the clean singing in the courses of 2 songs (one by Kurt Bachman, one by the singer of Killswitch Engage) initially really irritated me, it’s already grown on me and I don’t mind it anymore. Of the 10 tracks, the only one that still seems a bit off for me is Nonsense Mediated Decay. Parts of it are great, but one of the middle sections just comes across as annoying to me. It’s impossible to pick a favorite track; it seems like my favorite is whatever I’m listening to at the time. Gabriel feels like more of one big cohesive album than anything Believer has previously done, the production is by far the best they’ve ever had, and the music is roughly on par with Sanity or Dimensions (and far better than Extraction), so if you’re a fan of old Believer or just any sort of metal in general, pick this up!

    One other note of interest: even if you’re not a fan of “Christian” metal, this is still an excellent purchase. Almost every “Christian” metal band out there right now is putting out absolute garbage music just to get their message across, but Believer does not sacrifice anything musically. I would rank this album as at least on par with either Cynic release, any of the Atheist releases, and Pestilence’s more technical work (their early work doesn’t deserve a mentioning…)

    Posted on February 9, 2010