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  • Years ago, a friend of mind and I were in a band together, and we were both getting into more and more of the esoteric, prototypical prog/jazz metal hybrid bands (Cynic, Watchtower, Atheist, Death). One day while browsing in the local record store, we found an interesting cassette by a band called Believer, and I remember playing it pretty much solid in my car for about a week. “Dimensions” was a very intelligent, experimental, creative, and uber-heavy chunk of food for thought. One of the things I have always liked about metal as a genre is the fact that it is such a fertile ground for conceptual and musical experimentation and exploration, and Believer was one of the bands at that time out on the fringe setting new standards.

    Years later, with the resurgence of metal’s popularity, Believer is back, and the results are as good or better than expected. Crushing, off-kilter polyrhythmic metal riffs like the bastard child of Pantera and King Crimson, some classical elements (strings, operatic vocals), eerie clips and overdubs, and interesting philosophical lyrics with vocals somewhere in between death metal growling and the “old-school” Hetfield barking style. If you are into unusual and creative metal, you should check this out.

    Posted on February 9, 2010