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Gallery of Suicide

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  • I try not to let the ridiculous people who slam Cannibal on here ever get to me … BUT, come on. If I hate something, I don’t waste my time reviewing it. What’s the point? All right, deep down inside I’m sure we’d all like to give hateful reviews to music like, Michael Bolton, Slipsnot, Kornhole, and so on. This always reminds me of people who go after Gwar. I have to ask these people: do you really think when the guys in Cannibal sit down to write lyrics, they actually think, “Well, with luck maybe one person will read these words and violate some dead nuns and hack their entire family to death.” I hate to label Cannibal, but they could also be described as ‘horror’ metal. And musically, I’d love to see a lot of these STUPID bands that you see on Jay Leno and whatever other idiot’s on television, try and actually play a CC song. Don’t even tell me someone like the bass player from Korn can master Alex Webster’s licks. No way.
    As far as Gallery of Suicide goes? Flawless. I gave this one 5 stars because it really hit me as hard as Butchered At Birth. In terms of the lyrics and visualizing the horror of what’s being sung about, these tunes will freak you out.
    And if any CC fan reading this hasn’t gotten, Wretched Spawn, yet, don’t kill time: it’s a masterpiece. Cannibal is in the studio right now working on the next slab of gruesome metal. Can’t wait.

    Posted on February 7, 2010