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Gallery of Suicide

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  • Don’t lission to anyone else that says this is not a good cd this by far is there best one. Now do keep in mind that this death metal and most people don’t like death metal because for starters most people will say that it sounds like just a buntch of screaming really low and so on and so on. But no this is proble the best gutiare work I ever herd for any of u who say thats it’s easy try looking at the tabs for this then bet u want say that it’s easy. I have been in death metal bands and it is hard to sing and play this style of music. If it’s your first time trying them out or this style of music read the lyrics inside with the song that helped me when I started to lission to death metal back in 1993. No matter what anyone says Cannibal Corse rules and Slayer Is god!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t like slayer or cannibal corpse u need to die!

    Posted on February 8, 2010