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Gallop Meets the Earth

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Protest The Hero - Bone Marrow **Best Quality**

Lyrics : Thus now he knelt before the ruins, cold of sweat, heat of flame to vow the severed heads Of those who brought the village, the village to its shame. Those who plundered,pilfered, pillaged lives would now accept the blame. He would find them all with a mighty vengeance paid for in their pain Shah-jan, the king of kings wore seven rings and 60 feathers Plucked from sparrow's wings Growing fat on the throne, He sat like a stone. A man who had never known No hunger, shown no mercy with In promises broke like a bone. And there he sat like a stone, With promises broke like a bone Dispersed about the people rostam calls out for his equals in third to rise and cast curse is that the worst of vengeance enemies they roam the tree's is that the worst of vengeance The royalty must die x3 The royalty must die like common beggars and petty thieves x2 Tomorrow they will find us Oh God x3 Heads of children will roll Thus know he knelt before the ruins Cold of sweat, heat of flame He found the severed heads x2 Of those who brought the village, the village to its shame. The king of kings wore Seven rings and 60 feathers Plucked from sparrows' wings. He's growing fat, growing fat on the throne Where he sat like a stone A man who has never known no hunger Shown no mercy Those who ride against us Will be murdered where they stand let our arrows rain from sky To drain the blood into the land If a mortal stands before us Strike him down with sleight of hand And if heaven rides against us the God himself then must be damned.


Protest The Hero - Kezia (Full Album)

Kezia is the debut full-length release by Protest the Hero released in Canada on August 30, 2005 (Underground Operations) and America on April 4, 2006 (Vagra...

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Protest The Hero - Kezia (Full Album - HQ)

00:00 - 3:50 No Stars Over Bethlehem 3:50 - 6:51 Heretics And Killers 6:51 - 11:22 Divinity Within 11:22 - 14:47 Bury The Hatchet 14:47 - 17:43 Nautical 17:4...

Protest The Hero - Turn Soonest To The Sea

Song 8 off Kezia Lyrics: Do you remember how it was when you bled? When you loved and burned in those flames that you've kept Because Vesta's long been sleep...

Protest the hero REAL studio update !!

This time it's for real. Enjoy this ! If you like them check this out : Update revisited :

Protest The Hero - "Mist" Live Protest The Hero performing "Mist" at the Aggie Theater in Fort Collins, CO on March 10th 2014. ...

Protest The Hero - FullSet [1080p] Paris - 17/01/2014

Protest The Hero - FullSet [1080p] Paris - 17/01/2014 Underbite (0:00) Hair-Trigger (4:11) Sequoia Throne (8:50) Clarity (14:40) The Dissentience (20:08) Her...

Guitar Lesson: Learn how to play Protest The Hero - Clarity (TG253)

Protest The Hero's Luke Hoskin and Tim Millar show TG some of their favourite riffs, 'Underbite', 'Clarity' and 'Sex Tapes' Download Total Guitar issue 253 f...