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Gambling With The Devil

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  • I think this new album had successfully won back many fans who think they were already done for after the keepers legacy album. I thought that album was pretty decent but a turn off on most songs I wouldn’t say it was bad. But gambling with the devil has the loudest modern sounds of heavy melodic speed metal with the mix of few similar bands including their own in the mid 90’s, albums like better than raw/the dark ride and similar materials from bands like pinkcream 69 and freedom call. Andi deris’s voice sounds better than ever in this new awesome album and every song was awesome, I didn’t actually think michael weikath can write much better songs but he sure can and the new guitarist sascha gerstner was a much better guitarist than I expected for a young player. Any way this album was awesome and for those of you who thought keepers legacy was such a turn off then I strongly suggest that you go out and buy this new album gambling with the devil along with gamma ray’s new album land of the free part 2.

    And remember helloween and gamma ray are the law!

    Posted on February 25, 2010