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Gamma 2

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  • I heard one song off of this in the 80’s on the radio which was voyager. I decided to buy it and found the rest of the album was good, too. Best songs on it are Voyager, Skin and bone, Mayday, and Meanstreak although all are good. Mayday and voyager should have been on the best of Gamma cd but aren’t on it. This cd kind of goes back to the first Montorse cd, crunchy riffs, guitar heroics but is a little different. Davy Pattison is somewhat similar to paul rodgers in voice quality but I don’t think like I have read another review of this cd that he sounds or it that much like 70’s Bad Company. I think it has it’s own style to it, however. If you like the first Montorse cd you will like this cd.

    Posted on February 25, 2010