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Gamma 3

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  • This is what you call a breakout album, Gamma really came into their own on this one. These songs were more polished and melodic. If this is your first venture into the Gamma realm, I highly recommend Gamma3, then go get Gamma2, and Gamma1. And let’s not even talk about Gamma4, do go there.
    But Gamma3 was perfect for the times (early 1980’s) This band rocked it, and yet had such a great synth sounds from Mitchell Froom he brought a thicker meaner rock synth to the band and gave them a more progressive edge. Mitchell’s synth work compliments Ronnie’s guitar riffs perfectly, many bands later in the 80’s took note of Mitchell and Ronnie’s melodic trade-offs and worked them into their music as well.
    The first track “Whats Gone is Gone” kicks off the album in a rock anthem eargasm, one of my favorites! “Right the First Time” is the more commercial sounding track and quite good, I remember hearing it on the radio when this album came out. ‘Condition Yellow’ is where the synths shine as a very Saga-like haunting up beat instrumental piece that reminded me a bit like the song ‘Starliner’ from the old Paper Money album.
    Although I agree this is the more progressive Gamma album (not that there is anything wrong with that) it really is Gamma at its best and on top of their game. This album certainly did not get the full recognition that it deserved at the time.
    I am puzzled as to why there are some bad reviews of the album, maybe they are just metalheads afraid of change, or not quite polished in music theory, or just sat to close to the Marshal stack? But I do know that if you were not born early enough to live the glory days of Ronnie Montrose & Gamma from the very begining, then you do not have a very good frame of reference about this band or this album.

    Posted on January 26, 2010