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Garage, Inc.

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  • THE BAND: James Hetfield (lead vocals, guitar), Kirk Hammett (guitars), Jason Newsted (bass), Cliff Burton (bass on “Am I Evil” and “Blitzkrieg” only), Lars Ulrich (drums & percussion).

    THE DISC: (1998) 27 total tracks clocking in at approximately 137 minutes (disc-1 approximately 66 minutes, disc-2 approximately 71 minutes). Included with the disc is a 28-page booklet containing song titles/credits, Metallica band pictures old & new, album covers and/or band photos of artists being covered, and 20-pages of written bio by David Fricke (Managing Editor, Rolling Stone Magazine). Disc-1 recorded Sept/Oct 1998 at The Plant Studios, Sausalito, CA. Disc-2 recorded at numerous locations from 1984-95. This is their 8th album. Label – Elektra.

    COMMENTS: All cover tunes. Brilliant idea. Metallica pays homage to the bands they grew up with and admired. Many of the songs they cover here are hard to find – and you may not find them anywhere else but here. A few of my all-time favorite Metallica tracks are here… “Blitzkrieg”, “Stone Cold Crazy”, and “Killing Time”. New classics from disc-1 include “Sabbra Cadabra” (Black Sabbath), “Astronomy” (Blue Oyster Cult), “Tuesday’s Gone” (Lynyrd Skynyrd), and “It’s Electric” (Diamond Head). Two great covers of “Turn The Page” (Bob Seger) and “Whiskey In The Jar” (Thin Lizzy) were also excellent, but sadly destroyed by being over played on the radio. Other artists being covered on “Garage Inc.” include those listed above as well as Danzig, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Killing Joke, Motorhead (4 songs featured), Queen, Budgie (2 songs), Mercyful Fate (the track “Mercyful Fate” is a medley of their songs – “Satan’s Fall”, “Curse of the Pharaohs”, “A Corpse Without Soul”, “Into The Coven”, “Evil”… at over 11 minutes, it’s Metallica’s longest song ever recorded), etc. “Garage Inc.” enjoyed success on the charts – reached #2 on the Billboard Top 200 Album charts for 1998; singles “Turn the Page” (#1 on the Mainstream Rock charts), “Whiskey In The Jar” (#4 – also won a Grammy Award for best hard rock performance), and “Die, Die My Darling” (#26). This release – Great idea. Lots of music. Great songs (some more classic than others) played by one of the best metal bands of the ’80’s/90’s. Something for old/new fans alike with plenty of thrash and mainstream heavy metal. Great sound production. Awesome set of discs (5 stars).

    Posted on January 11, 2010