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Generation Swine

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  • As much as it pains me to say it, this was not the Crue’s best effort to date. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad but I just don’t think it came across as Motley Crue. When I listen to it I don’t hear the things that made Motley great in the past, obviously this is due to the stylistic departure the guys wanted to exercise in order to, I’m guessing, reinvent themselves and appeal to a younger fanbase. If not for the fact that this was a Crue album I think it may have actually been more well recieved, but this album was so radically different from anything they had done before I think it caught allot of people off guard, including myself. It was a ballsy move on their part to do something like this, but I guess that is what Motley has always been about. The song Afraid asks “Are you afraid of change?” evidently the Crue are not. There are some good tracks though, Beauty, Afraid, A Rat Like Me, all have subtle shadings of a more familiar Motley Crue sound. Let Us Prey was actually one of my favorites, because it was so heavy and different. This was more of an experiment if anything I think, it was definately a departure but I think it has its good points. Was as good as other Crue albums, no. Was it a bad album, no. Not really Motley Crue as I see them, but still worth adding to the collection.

    Posted on November 11, 2009