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  • Job For A Cowboy burst onto the underground scene with their “Doom” EP (and most notably, the song “Entombment of a Machine”). Their songs were laced with explosive blast beats, harsh vocals, and memorable breakdowns and riffs.

    With their first LP, “Genesis,” the band has attempted to mature and break free from the deathcore genre. This is understandable, as the popularity of JFAC inspired a multitude of terrible bands (just go to any local show and you’ll see 2-3 bands emulating the bree-ing and breakdowns). However, the band was great at what they did, and as Genesis has proven, they should’ve stayed.

    With Genesis, the band has moved in a more death metal direction. As noted, the breakdowns are gone and the bree-ing is gone. What we have is a series of songs that somehow everyone is hailing as amazing.

    I think everyone has fallen in love with the sheer power of JFAC’s EP material and is just very reluctant to realize Genesis is simply a par-for-the-course album at best. Most of the songs are mid-tempo and plod along with very little energy and explosiveness. The drum-work is not as great as people are claiming (their old drummer definitely wins the battle). The guitar work is decent at best; there are very few riffs that stick in your head and the little amount of solo-work is unimpressive and usually adds very little (as in Altered From Catechization). The vocals are strong and confident, despite not being unique.

    The album does have a few bright spots (Martyrdom Unsealed for example being a finely crafted song with good guitar work). However, in the big picture, Genesis is simply a bland attempt at death metal. The CD is definitely brutal, but there are many bands who can deliver brutality as well as fine songwriting (think Morbid Angel).

    For the “-core” fans who haven’t heard real death metal, I guess you can convince yourself to like this. For metalheads who have heard about JFAC and are curious, stay away.

    Posted on November 14, 2009