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  • It’s quite sad when “old” metalheads give new, young and talented bands bad reviews, just because they’re the future of their genre and wiping the floor with the elderly bands. Just beause “Slowly we rot” or “Reign in blood” was the apex of extreme, many, many moons ago, doesn’t mean that type music, to this day, is the only “real” metal. I incidentally own both releases, hell, I own everything that Slayer has ever released, most of Obituary’s, Death’s and Suffocation’s back catalogue, and let me tell you that frankly, they bore me stiff. I was listening to Slayer’s “South of Heaven” yesterday, before listening to Job for a cowboy’s “Genesis”. What a wake up call! The new stuff is so much more intelligent, layered, wicked and ultimately interesting, that I have moved all my golden oldies into a soon to be forgotten shoebox marked, (you guessed it), “golden oldies”.

    Now, onto an actual review of the album.
    It’s Job for a cowboy after all, so depending on your age or the nostalgic juice you drink every morning, you’ll either love it or hate it. I love it, even the instrumental fillers, as it breaks the pace of the album and makes the next onslaught that much more intense. The guys can surely play, as any signed band in this genre should be able to in any case. If you like music like Ion Dissonance, Despised Icon, The Acacia Strain, All Shall Perish, Leng Tch’e, The Black Dahlia murder etc. all, then you probably already know about this band and like their music anyway.
    It’s only the old, grumpy and backward dwelling moaners, still wearing their vintage 80’s Obituary Shirts from THAT day that they saw the band live, that call anything new and interesting (insert genre here)-core. This is NEW death metal, and it’s brutal, technical and most of all, intelligent music.

    Posted on November 14, 2009