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Get Your Wings

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  • Get Your Wings(1974). Aerosmith’ s Second Album.

    In 1974, Aerosmith was some what of a sensation in Boston, where their constant touring and high octane hard rock endeared them to thousands of fans. Their debut, a fantastic mix of hard rock and gritty blues tracks, helped Aerosmith develop a cult following around Boston, not unlike The Grateful Dead. Fans considered Aerosmith “the next Led Zeppelin” , and when ‘Get Your Wings’ was released, fans eagerly picked up the album. Although not popular until many years later, ‘Get Your Wings’ eventually went multi-platinum and contained the hit singles “Same Old Song And Dance” and “Train Kept A Rollin’.

    By ‘Get Your Wings’, Aerosmith began to sound more and more like the band that produced classic songs like “Walk This Way” and “Back In The Saddle”. Steven Tyler’s singing voice began to take on the high-pitched, over-the-top sound that made him one of the most identifiable singers in rock n’ roll. Aerosmith even began to branch out their songs, playing more original, experimental, and darker tracks that distinguished them from other blues and Led Zeppelin clones. “Same Old Song And Dance”, an Aerosmith classic, pits distorted, kick ass blues guitar against Stephen Tyler’s energetic, in-your-face singing. “Lord of Your Thighs” is a slower, percussive hard rock track that is very dark and gritty. “Spaced” is a “spacy” rock track, with an emotional, trippy verse, complete with “epic” sounding guitar work. Definitely one of Aerosmith’s most different and inspired songs. “Woman of the World” is a folk and blues inspired hard rocker, and has the sound of a guitar “orchestra”, much like early Led Zeppelin. “S.O.S.(Too Bad)” is a loud, brazen hard rocker that is your typical Aerosmith. “Train Kept A Rollin’” is a cover of the classic Yardbirds song, layered with louder and more distorted guitars. Tyler is at his best… his vocals fit the pompous, youthful energy of the song perfectly. Easily one of Aerosmith’s best, “Train Kept A Rollin’” is definitely one of the best examples of Joe Perry’s mastery of the blues guitar. “Seasons of Wither” is hands down one of Aerosmith’s best, most underrated tracks. A dark, progressive, and emotional track, “Seasons of Wither” reminds me of Led Zeppelin’s darker material. This song is great, and probably the best on the album. “Pandora’s Box” ends the album with a bluesy, upbeat hard rocker, full of loud, blazing guitars.

    ‘Get Your Wings’ is a fantastic album, and unfortuneatly is often overlooked by fans of Aerosmith’s earlier material. This album has a very mature sound, and Joe Perry and Steven Tyler display some of their best work here. Aerosmith would go on to even greater success with ‘Toys In The Attic’ and ‘Rocks’, but you shouldn’t overlook their first albums, because they are just as good. In my opinion, “Same Old Song And Dance”, “Spaced”, “Train Kept A Rollin”, and “Seasons of Wither” are all some of Aerosmith’s most inspired tracks.


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    Posted on February 25, 2010