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Ghost Opera: The Second Coming

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  • Ok, I’m not sure why Kamelot decided to re-release this album. I think disk 2 of this set alone would have made for a good release but I don’t think packaging it with Ghost Opera was necessary. On that note, let’s start with disk 2 (Live from Belgrade). Good song selection but its definetly missing a few. I went to the Ghost Opera tour and the song selection they had there was awesome, I just hope they had included a lot more songs here (at least more songs that were not included in the Cold Winter’s Night Live CD). It also includes 3 new studio songs. Pendulous Fall is about the only one that stands out. Rule the World – Remix is HORRIBLE!! WHY KAMELOT??? Why did you choose to really destroy this song? Only if you like pop music will you like this song (I hope this is not the future of Kamelot).

    Now, if you’re a fan of Kamelot and don’t have the first Ghost Opera edition album then definetly get this one. Disk 1 itself is definetly a 5 Star album, about as good as Kamelot gets.

    Posted on December 31, 2009