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Ghost Opera

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  • 4.5 stars. While this album is certainly closer to 5 stars than to 4 stars, I simply cannot put in the same category as their last, epic, majestic “The Black Halo”. That album has everything that is great about Kamelot: excellent production, Khan’s emotive vocalizations, and a roller-coaster ride of tempo shifts. The last bit of praise is actually my only complaint about “Ghost Opera”, which contains mostly mid-tempo songcraft with the always great choruses and darkening lyrics. In fact, the only ballad here is “Anthem”, which is acceptable, but it is nowhere near the fantastic level of “Abandoned” from “The Black Halo”. I would also have to say that “Ghost Opera” is even blacker in tone than their past few albums. I actually enjoy this quite a bit as I prefer the darker side of emotion as it tends to be more interesting to decipher. Overall, “Ghost Opera” is a welcome addition to Kamelot’s already extraordinary catalog. Highly recommended.

    The bonus DVD is a joke, unfortunately, as it contains the video for “Ghost Opera” and then a replay of the same video which shows how the special effects were added and such. That’s it. However, the bonus track “The Pendulous Fall” is excellent, so I heartily recommend purchasing this “Enhanced” version of the album for that reason alone.

    Posted on December 27, 2009