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Ghost Reveries

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  • The phrase “progressive death metal” has been used before, but it probably fits Opeth better than any other single band. Opeth are much more than a Metal band, They are a five man orchestra. Even when the music gets heavy it still holds a form of ambience untouched by fellow Death Metal bands. So melodic yet so brutal all in one dose. Opeth are truely pioneers among the metal scene friends!

    Ghost Reveries begins with a moment of mellow guitar and tranquil peace, But the moment is soon over as the crushing riff of the instant classic ‘Ghost Of Perdition’ take the stage. This song alone is worth getting the CD, with several tempo changes and at about 2:34 into the song comes my favorite melodic piece of any Opeth song EVER.

    Mikael Åkerfeldt is an amazing vocalist. Looking at him you would easily be decieved as he looks like an every day joe. But beneath that moustache and down that throat lie two of the greatest lungs in the history of Metal. The man has a great Death Metal growl, Which is normally audible. And his ‘clean’ vocals are to die for, He hits some very hard to achieve notes. This is truely one of the great Metal Vocalists that shall always be remembered and always respected.

    Another of my favorite tracks is ‘Atonement’. A soft gentle track with mezmerizing guitar and a beat that could put a crying baby to sleep. The reason I like it is because it stands out so well against all the powerful chugging riffs. That and Mikael truely shows talent here, some very charming and almost enchanting vocals.

    I have to give credit to bassist Martin Mendez. I am a bassist and this guy plays some excellent B-Lines, Especially on easily the two most popular tracks ‘Ghosts of Perdition’ and yet another of my own favorites The Grand Conjuration, A track that reeks of “progressive death metal” from the get go with the headbang worthy riffs and inspiring drum blasts. Another thing that makes this a favorite is Mikael’s constant changing vox from clean soft harmonous vocals to harsh audible growls.

    People I can not stress enough how truely important it is for Metal Fans world wide to hear this album. This band has defined what it is to be a “progressive death metal” band and have set the bar for fellow bands. Also I just seen these guys play live at Gigantour in Detroit. Simply.. Amazing I would advise you all to do whatever you must to get to see these guys live!

    Mikael Åkerfeldt and Devin Townsend are the only Metal Vocalists I would gladly knell and bow my head to if they were before me. Support the scene and buy this great album, and please click YES if you took the time to read my review. If nothing else it kept your intrest for a couple moments.

    -A Loyal Opeth Fan

    Posted on January 13, 2010