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Ghosts I - IV

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  • Some reviewers have complained that Ghosts i-iv meanders on and on with brooding instrumentals, it gets old, etc. I would disagree. First of all, you have to realize that this is not one mega-album to digest in one sitting–it’s best to listen to each “ghost” separately as a 30-minute body of work. Quite frankly, I never thought Reznor excelled in the lyrics department, (“I’m the one without a soul/I’m the one in this big f–king hole!”) so this comes as a refreshing two-hour opus sans all the verbal angst he trademarked in the 90s.
    For five dollars, I’d encourage the skeptical to give it a try. This is great music for a rainy day, or for working on homework (I’m in college). After several spins, there’s nothing here that strikes me as never-play-again awful, and a majority of it is quite memorable (especially #28). Ghosts i-iv sounds like the musical cousin to The Fragile instrumentals or the Still disc from 2001. So if you dug that stuff, go ahead and dive into this. And in any case, by downloading this album, you’re taking part in a revolutionary concept in music marketing that you can tell your kids about decades from now (if that really matters to you!)

    Posted on January 4, 2010