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  • Sometimes when bands release new albums, they start in a new and mystical direction that’s completed devoid of where they were at before…

    … with Cobalt however, they’re picking up exactly where they left off before with their previous release, Eater of Birds. What you’re seeing here is the duo (yes… just TWO of them!) continuing to further embark upon the “war metal” sound they’ve been developing since their inception (and that’s not just a cute name for it; their guitarist/singer actively serves in the U.S. Armed Forces and recorded his portions of the CD when he was on leave… that’s hella impressive!)

    The music is very expressive. They have the tendency to blend and balance soft, expressive acoustic guitars along with blistering riffs and some extremely intense drumming (drummers: there were plenty of blastbeats and double bass, but not to the point where it ever overtook the song.) When I heard this album, it made me think of Tool’s “Lateralus” and Immortal’s “At The Heart of Winter” (there’s also an element of Neurosis influence on here but that should be expected considering how great their influence has been to the genre of post-metal.) When I say that, I mean that these guys do a pretty good job at mixing sludge metal, black metal, and progressive metal together for a sound that sets them apart from other metal bands out there, and it rules!

    So with that said, if you’re a fan of Immortal, Neurosis, black metal, progressive metal, or an open-minded fan of Tool (meaning the kind of Tool fan that enjoys either The Melvins, Meshuggah, Tomahawk, Isis, or any combination of the above), this album is worth getting. Do check it out.

    Posted on January 20, 2010