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Global Drama

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  • Cloudscape is yet another musical powerhouse hailing from Sweden. I just happened to come upon this release a couple of weeks back and was very impressed by how much it stood out. It has a unique atmosphere to it that really sets it apart from a lot of the bands I have been listening to in recent days. It is not a brutal composition at all, although it does have metallic elements entwined in its fabric. It has a kind of ethereal texture to it; a hybrid of classic heavy metal with modern progressive rock and progressive metal. I find their vocalist Mike Andersson to be one of the best vocalists in present day metal music. He sings entirely clean through the songs. The nature of his vocals is rather soothing, yet I was left with an eerie feeling. Listen to the song “Paid in Blood” and maybe you’ll get a gist as to what I am referring to.

    On the musical front, their style has definitive metal inspiration. Some of it is exceptionally fast paced and rather chaotic. At the same time, you can feel an almost Journey like influence woven within their sound. This occurred to me while listening to “The Silence Within.” I found the guitar work to be dreamy in many areas, particular during some of the guitar solos. All in all, I believe “Global Drama” to be a very fresh and magnificent body of work. And the band couldn’t have a more appropriate title for themselves, because their music does in many ways resemble a diverse Cloudscape – airy, graceful, mysterious, refreshing, and in its darker moments thunderous.

    Posted on March 13, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Cloudscape is a Swedish band with a sound reminiscent of early Genesis, although updated with some contemporary metal influences. Unfortunately, this group has exactly the same problem as the early Genesis albums, a tendency toward directionless meandering. Most of the tracks are fairly long, and seem to wander from theme to theme, without any sense of coherence. The instrumental playing is very good, with multiple overdubs that create a dense sonic backdrop, but in the end this does not compensate for the fundamental lack of melody.

    Posted on March 13, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Cloudscape are perhaps the Melodic Prog metal world’s best kept secret. Either that or people have been living under a rock for the past couple of years. After Producing two outstanding studio albums which in their own right were brilliant bringing a blend of catchy melodic metal with a few shots of Progressive goodness, Global Drama improves upon them in every way. This is a stunning and impressive album, with a bit of everything. Mike Andersson’s vocals get better and better and musically the band have gone up a few levels. There is more Prog, some nice heavier moments running alongside some excellent song writing/lyrics.

    The album begins with the opening track, Mind Diary which is very riff heavy. It gallops along at a quick pace, Possibly the heaviest song on the CD, but its not without a dose of fine keys adding some atmosphere. nice way to kick things off. Great track! Which doesn’t set the tone of the entire album because it is so varied. Which is a good thing!

    The second track, Darkest Legacy begins with a nice keyboard intro. Once again great guitar work from Patrik and Bjorn. The keys are a welcome feature throughout the album, and really set the mood in each song. Again, it is testament to Mike who also handles the keyboard compositions, deserves great praise for having in him this aspect in addition to his song writing and vocal work which are also stellar. The great work just keeps on coming, with Cloak and Daggers, Mike going in story telling mode. This song has a sinister feel to it, and is excellent, Slower and more deliberate pace, with a bit of a chill running through it. Paid is Blood has a great mix of prog and metal, with a very catchy riff. Then comes the Silence within and one silent moment, there is no drop in quality and solid musicianship. If you are expecting some track fillers at this point, then don’t, because there aren’t any! Then comes a couple of the more Prog oriented tracks in One silent moment and Alagoas, which is a fantastic track and one of the longest on the album, yet keeps your attention. Alagoas is simply put, a beautiful song.

    Then its on to the anthemic and catchy, Static going back into some great guitar work, fast and melodic. The same can be said about the following track, Fragile. The longest and most progressive track on the album, Eyes of Jealousy is quite moody and intense, the band really show their improving talents here putting together all kinds of neat moments. Ritual of the blade is the next track, again some catchy stuff here, and very melodic. The closing track Justice is a great song to wrap up a near on perfect album full of everything that made Cloudscape a fresh player in the prog metal scene. I can’t praise this album enough! go buy it NOW! for an album with 12 songs, there is never a dull moment I assure you. There is something here for most metal fans, even if you aren’t a fan of prog or melodic metal, still give this a listen! it’s a fresh and exciting sound, with lots of energy and super fine musicianship by Cloudscape.

    One of the best releases of the year so far! Just stunning!

    Posted on March 12, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now