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Global Drama

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  • Cloudscape is yet another musical powerhouse hailing from Sweden. I just happened to come upon this release a couple of weeks back and was very impressed by how much it stood out. It has a unique atmosphere to it that really sets it apart from a lot of the bands I have been listening to in recent days. It is not a brutal composition at all, although it does have metallic elements entwined in its fabric. It has a kind of ethereal texture to it; a hybrid of classic heavy metal with modern progressive rock and progressive metal. I find their vocalist Mike Andersson to be one of the best vocalists in present day metal music. He sings entirely clean through the songs. The nature of his vocals is rather soothing, yet I was left with an eerie feeling. Listen to the song “Paid in Blood” and maybe you’ll get a gist as to what I am referring to.

    On the musical front, their style has definitive metal inspiration. Some of it is exceptionally fast paced and rather chaotic. At the same time, you can feel an almost Journey like influence woven within their sound. This occurred to me while listening to “The Silence Within.” I found the guitar work to be dreamy in many areas, particular during some of the guitar solos. All in all, I believe “Global Drama” to be a very fresh and magnificent body of work. And the band couldn’t have a more appropriate title for themselves, because their music does in many ways resemble a diverse Cloudscape – airy, graceful, mysterious, refreshing, and in its darker moments thunderous.

    Posted on March 13, 2010